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do you ever look up fic for a pairing you’ve just kind of passively shipped up until a point and you assumed in your head how all the fics should be for that ship and then you actually read a fic for it and 


this is not how this should be

Filed under dean thomas and luna lovegood im talking about you the fics are absolutely awful i wanted to read some hogwarts era fic not after hogwarts and some of it was very good granted but it was not what i expected or what i want im so mad about this they got my ship wrong i have been shipping it since sixth grade i drew a really shitty picture of them and its still hanging on my closet door they were my otp before i knew what an otp was and then practically all of the 26 fics on ao3 ruined it for me i dont know what to do no one can accurately depict them together how they should be dean/luna luna lovegood dean thomas luna dean HERE WE GO i cant i just cant theres not enough fic and what there is isnt good enough i am gonna cry